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Rollout Services

iDV is the technology rollout leader in the deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial and government organizations. Utilizing our proven processes and methodologies, we provide, manage and support a national field force of local technicians to deploy infrastructure technology on a nationwide scale. This includes the development of requirements and relay of technical knowledge quickly and accurately to our onsite technicians for the installation and service of each location.

What we Provide


Facility Management Services

Facility Management services for Critical facilities and Data Centers from iDV combines the three critical elements (people, process & systems) of DC Operations within a single offering.
The focus of this team is on:

FMS - The iDV Model

FMS - The iDV Approach

Operations and Maintenance (O & M)

Technical Support Services

Visible Operations with Update iDV Advantage - The shared Off-site team Standby Team Expert Team Program Management Team
HR Team Audit Team Service delivery audit (OEM AMC service delivery Audit) Escalation Team

Security Services

We provide consulting services to help you in understanding your information security requirements and work with you to ensure that these are converted to reality. We do this through design on policies, development / deployment of the technology platform toimplement these policies including audits as well as certification.

Our services include:

Business Continuity

The Market’s Only Fully Automated Single-Click BCP/DRSolution
iDV is a partner of Perpetuuiti, one of the world leaders in Business Continuity Process Automation. The automation can span both the business side and the IT side including data and application switchover. In conjunction with Perpetuuiti, iDV provides consulting and implementation services
ContinuityPatrol™ – Complete Automated IT DR Management Suite

A complete DR Framework for Single Click Switchover/Switch Back/Failover

Continuity Patrol ™ Monitors MTPOD/Data lag/ Recovery Time. Automates end-to-end Application Recovery incase of DR in a single click.

Enable Customers to Manage and Monitor the Application Recovery with Automated Switchover/Switchback/DR Drills.
Fully Customizable Orchestration for Application / DB recovery over Cloud/Enterprise DR.

Continuity Patrol ™ is a AGENT LESS/SCRIPT LESS multi tenancy software integrated with Managed Services platform

Continuity Patrol ™ supports:

Continuity Vault™ for Organizational BCP Automation

Maintains complete document history, user access permissions and privacy. Provides complete and updated information which is readily available in case of emergency through Mobiles.

Communication Plan

Complete steps and ways of communication procedures with organizational management and other stakeholders as well as for Public relations and broadcasting options and concerned authority.

It also maintains the Employee communication plan with complete employee details like emergency contact information, id’s network passwords etc. in a secured way.

A detail plan documented to handle phone calls, Website updates, e-mail delivery and any other communication channels to maintain up-to-date disaster assessment and insurance claims.