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About Us

About iDV

Based out of Delhi, India, iDV Technology Solutions is an India centric specialized provider of technology solutions and services. The company principals have over 50 years’ experience in providing business and technology solutions to governments, corporations and small businesses across the world.

With an experienced team focused on delivering the “right” quality to customers at the “right” price, iDV is an ideal partner for organizations looking at transformational IT solutions

iDV enables business results by being a ‘solutions catalyst’. We help our clients with the planning, implementation, operations, support and management of technology solutions.

Our Purpose is to help our clients gain definite business edge using transformative management technologies in a strategic, realistic, timely and cost-effective manner

Our Vision is to be a cutting-edge, global provider of solutions that bring simplicity and clarity both to client’s needs and overall data Center field with its thought leadership and values

Our Values include deep standardization across organization functions (talent management, accounting, solution design, delivery etc.,) so it is seen as the most reliable, honest and transparent IT solutions provider.

When you partner with iDV, you can be sure that we will provide your company with real value and deliver on our promise to transform your business through technological innovation. Some of the most compelling reasons to work with us include;

Enhanced Business Agility

iDV provides it's customers with the flexibility and agility to enhance their business through optimisation of IT infrastructure - hardware and software

Cost Effectiveness

iDV delivers the best value for your IT investments and we know how to capitalize on existing legacy systems. This means that the solutions we develop not only meet your technical requirements, but fit in well with your existing IT infrastructure and financial goals.

Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are designed to grow with you. With iDV customer solutions, you can integrate new processes and customers with minimal or no additional infrastructure investment. This results in a seamless and scalable platform for your business with minimal expense and disruption.


iDV has grown over time through referrals. Our success is directly related to how we treat and work with our clients. That means that we listen to our client’s needs, learn our client’s businesses and view a project’s successful completion as an exercise in accountability and collaboration.

The iDV Advantage